Wt & JWt 3.3.3, RC1

  • Posted by koen
  • Wednesday, May 14, 2014 @ 09:10

We uploaded a first release candidate for 3.3.3.

Here are the main links:

This release brings mostly bug fixes, with a few improvements.

  • Posted by anonymous
  • 10 years ago
You can build a List via git.
git log 8f9fba73823d07b03ef9443336e4dbb1bb618b4e 7553603dc45f63357eca7d6000f9ace2f5bfaf89
The issue number is allmost allways in the commit message
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 10 years ago
Great, trying it soon!
It would be useful to specify the bugs that have been fixed (at least redmine issue numbers)
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 10 years ago
Great new features! Many thanks )

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