Our expertise

Our expertise ranges from e-commerce to viral genomics. Apart from being great at developing software, we master our customer's application domain and work with them to enhance the state of the art. Our most important expertises are listed on this page, but don't hesitate to contact us with your challenges.

Software Engineering

Software Engineering: At Emweb, we are specialized in developing software in C++ and Java in a wide variety of application domains. Starting from the problem statement by the customer, we offer all services to realize the final product. We help you define the functional requirements, architecture design, technology selection, user interface, implementation, testing, installation of deployment, feedback processing, product modifications, ... We offer our services under time and material contracts as well as fixed price agreements, depending on the type of project and the desire of the customer.

Apart from projects related to our own products, we also take up projects in unrelated domains. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your next project.

Web Applications

Web Application Technology: Through the continuing development of Wt and JWt, we closely follow the latest novelties in browsers, protocols, servers and internet security. We create web applications that rival in functionality and complexity with traditional desktop applications. Our solutions require less CPU, memory and other resources on the servers, resulting in reduced hosting costs and operational expenses. The result is a high performance and responsive web application.

Using our in-house libraries, we adhere to a well organized architecture where we focus on the functionality of the program rather than on the technicalities of writing web applications. Security, browser compatibility and many performance aspects are also handled by the libraries. The library does not only offer backward compatibility with older versions of browsers, but throughout the history of Wt we have shown that when a new browser version is released or a new technology becomes available, they are automatically supported by Wt applications by simply upgrading to a new Wt release.

Our web application libraries are used for almost any imaginable application, including e-commerce, medical equipment, machine control, SCADA, engineering software, administrative software and many more.


Bio-Informatics: Our bio-informatics expertise is mainly focused around the genomics of viral and bacterial pathogens. We implemented an annotated genome database for the purpose of epidemiological tracing of viral and bacterial pathogens. We develop and maintain virus classification tools that enable virologists to easily create virus subtyping tools, which has been used to create popular typing tools for HIV, norovirus, enterovirus, Hepatitis A/B/C, Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya, ... We continue to expand our knowledge, expertise and software in this area with tools for viral and bacterial discovery in Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) data sets.

For its bio-informatics activities, Emweb has a strong international partner network with universities, hospitals and governmental organisations.

Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems: We design and implement embedded systems. We can translate a concept in a real product by creating a system architecture (hardware, embedded software, networking, server software, specific algorithms, ...), and after evaluating trade-offs and validation of the architecture we work with partner companies (hardware design, antenna design, casing, certification) to the realisation of the prototype and the final product. We have experience with a range of processors (general purpose, microcontrollers and DSPs), operating systems (Linux based or bare metal), networking protocols (Ethernet, WiFi, BLE, ...), peripherals, ... We have realized projects from A to Z, from the embedded software, including bootloaders and (over-the-air) firmware updates, networking protocols, databases, remote monitoring and management, web-based user interfaces, hardware production and all other aspects to build a working system.

Recently we worked on more projects with typical features for Internet-Of-Things (IoT) devices, which are often ultra-low-power battery powered devices with a diverse range of sensors and radio frequency (RF) interfaces such as BLE, Zigbee and WiFi.

Statistical Models

Statistical Models: Working with data has always been an important aspect of computer science. Through our work with bio-informatics data, sensor data and the development of an indoor localization sensor fusion algorithm, we have practical experience with state of the art statistical methods.

These methods are typical for projects in the scope of Big Data analysis, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and related buzz-words.

Operational Management

Operational Management: After developing the software, we can also take care of the deployment of your system on bare metal servers or virtual private servers in the public cloud or in your private cloud (on-premises). We improve reliability by eliminating error prone manual steps. Automated builds and release procedures ensure that new releases can be deployed with minimal downtime. Services and processes are monitored and automatically restarted when problems are detected.

The proximity of the operational management to the developer team leads to software design choices where potential operational problems are tackled in the source code, often before they become real problems.

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