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Wt and JWt are our open-source C++ and Java library for building web applications.


a C++ Web Toolkit

Wt is a cross-platform, open-source library for developing web applications. Wt abstracts many details of writing web applications in a widget-centric API. Technical details such as browser compatibility, security strategy, server/client communication and much more is handled by the library. This allows the programmer to focus on the functionality of the application rather than on the pitfalls of developing web applications.

A complete feature list, reference documentation, community fora, examples, etc is available from the Wt homepage. Click the button below to go to the Wt homepage.


a Java Web Toolkit

JWt is Wt's equivalent in Java. It is a pure java library (no JNI involved) and is deployed in a Java Servlet Container such as Tomcat, JBoss or Jetty. Each Wt release is accompanied by a JWt release and an automated process ensures that Wt's and JWt's features remain synchronized.

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