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Our expertise

Web Applications

Web Applications

The Wt and JWt libraries are our flagship products. Wt is a C++ library for developing web applications and JWt is the Java equivalent. Through a simple and consistent widget-based API, the complex technology mix of modern web applications is presented in a structured and manageable way. Security, performance and maintainability of your applications is built in the core of the libraries.

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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Our specilization in embedded systems design lies in radio frequency communication, ultra low-power systems, sensor data processing, fusion algorithms and connectivity. We can manage your project from concept to market, in all aspects (HW, SW, User Interface, casing, production, ...). Our intimate knowledge of Internet Protocols makes us an ideal partner for your next IoT design.

Embedded Software
Machine Learning and <br/>Bio-Informatics

Machine Learning and

Emweb builds software for viral and bacterial genomic data management. In cooperation with government health departments, universities, research institutes and hospitals around the world, emweb has built software for collecting, storing and analyzing annotated samples. Our database and pan-viral classification tools process Sanger DNA sequences, NGS data, or MLVA data.

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About Us

Since 2008, Emweb delivers software products and development services. Emweb is located in Leuven, Belgium, in the proximity of the KULeuven University and research institutes such as Imec. The company's initial focus on software development for the web and embedded systems in C++ and Java has broadened over the years, as the size of the company has increased. Emweb's customers are located all over the world and include several of the largest IT companies in the world.

Wt 4 released. Version 4 is a milestone release for the Wt project. In the 4.0.0 release, the library introduces the required changes in the API to follow up on recent developments of the C++ language. The extended use of the new smart pointer classes to make object ownership explicit throughout the API is one of the most visible changes. The signal/slot system was rewritten, enum classes are used, and many boost types in the API (such as boost.any, boost.date_time) were replaced by their standard library equivalents.

The main benefit of this transition is that the Wt API became more self-explaining, compilation times have been reduced, run-time performance improved and the library's user requires less knowledge of boost. Secondary consequences of the transition are for example simpler stack traces and simpler compiler errors.

Emweb participates in VIROGENESIS. VIROGENESIS (Virus discovery and epidemic tracing from high throughput metagenomic sequencing) is a research project under the EC H2020 framework (2015-2018), that will develop bioinformatics software applications to fully exploit the potential of high-throughput Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) technologies in the field of virology. With the advent of NGS analysis pipelines becoming part of the routine repertoire of research, clinical and public health laboratories in the public sector and private industry, this project will improve viral pathogen discovery and detection, clinical diagnostics as well as disease control and prevention. The consortium consists of computational biologists, statisticians, epidemiological modellers, clinical and molecular virologists, from Belgium, The Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, the Republic of South Africa and the United States of America.

Latest News

Introduction to Wt 4 talk video online!

  • Posted by Roel
  • 23 April 2018

After a long delay due to severe audio synchronization problems in the recording, the video of my Wt 4 talk at FOSDEM titled "Introduction to web development in C++ with Wt 4" is now finally online.

You can watch the video and get the slides from the talk page, or watch it on YouTube.


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Featured project

YooBee Indoor Positioning System

YooBee Indoor Positioning System

Client: BlooLoc

Emweb developed in close cooperation with partner companies an indoor positioning system, a GPS system that works indoors. Emweb coordinated the development of the hardware and implemented the embedded software, a sensor fusion and positioning algorithm. Emweb also created the cloud infrastructure on which tens of thousands of tags and smartphones are tracked. This development was spinned out of Emweb in 2014 and is now commercialized by the tech start-up BlooLoc.

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