Who are we?

Emweb is a privately owned company founded by its managers Wim Dumon and Koen Deforche in 2008. Over the years, they surrounded themselves with a dynamic team of talented developers. This team enjoys working on a variation of software projects and is making the products even better every day.

Open Source

Emweb created the Wt and JWt toolkits as Open Source products, licensed under the General Public License. By making the source code available, we put all our cards on the table and offer you the possibility to inspect the quality and security of our software — we have nothing to hide. You have the freedom and flexibility to use the software as it best fits you, or to adapt it to your needs. We develop Wt for the community and with the help of the community.

Commercial licensing to our enterprise customers allows us to further develop and support Wt, to keep adding new features and to keep up with the ever changing capabilities of web browsers.

Professional Services

We can work on your projects in any of our fields of expertise. On-demand extensions to Wt, cracking a bioinformatics problem, software development for embedded systems, the development of a new RF protocol: challenging problems is what we like most.

We take up your projects as a Fixed Fee contract or under Time and Material terms and try to find Research Funding together with you through the appropriate channels if applicable.

Job Openings

We're continuously looking for someone special. Most of all, we're looking for a motivated mind to seamlessly integrate in our team.

Having some working knowledge with development in C++ or Java is an absolute must and eagerness to improve your knowledge is strongly recommended. Knowledge of web programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, HTTP, ...) is a plus. We expect you to have some practical experience software development tools (compilers, editors, revision control system, cmake/make/ninja, ...). And most importantly, you are eager to learn and disect a problem and break it down into its individual components: you are not satisfied with a vague and superficial understanding. A relevant Master degree is a plus.

Think this is you? Then check out our job openings.

Reference projects

YooBee Indoor Positioning System

YooBee Indoor Positioning System

Client: BlooLoc

Emweb developed in close cooperation with partner companies an indoor positioning system, a GPS system that works indoors. Emweb coordinated the development of the hardware and implemented the embedded software, a sensor fusion and positioning algorithm. Emweb also created the cloud infrastructure on which tens of thousands of tags and smartphones are tracked. This development was spinned out of Emweb in 2014 and is now commercialized by the tech start-up BlooLoc.

B2B e-Commerce Site for Event Venues

B2B e-Commerce Site for Event Venues

Client: Brussels Expo

Brussels Expo manages the largest exhibition venue in Brussels (Belgium). Emweb developed the B2B e-commerce market place, where exhibitors order the connections (electricity, water, Internet, ...) and products (furniture, plants, catering, ...) they need for their event. The software creates an event catalogue from the products of diverse internal and external suppliers and contains a module to create work orders with clear floorplans required for the execution of the orders. For this JWt project, Emweb also manages the operational aspects of the software.

TypeNed, a Molecular Platform

TypeNed, a Molecular Platform

Client: RIVM - Dutch Government

TypeNed is a web-based laboratory network that monitors pathogenic micro-organism on a molecular level. Typing results and epidemiological data are immediately available for the microbiological laboratories. Emweb developed the web interface of the molecular platorm, the typing tool for viral pathogens (in cooperation with universities and research institutes) and manages the operational aspects of the platform.

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