Wt 3.1.10, JWt 3.1.10

  • Posted by koen
  • Monday, July 11, 2011 @ 08:33

A new version of the library packed with lots of bug fixes and a fair share of new features.

The highlights of this release are:


Animation support has landed! We have initially focussed on animations for hiding and showing widgets (see WWidget::setHidden() and WStackedWidget). By chosing CSS3 as underlying implementation, these animations, which involve transformations and opacity changes, can (and in many cases are) hardware accelerated in the browser.

Animations are currently only available on WebKit-based browsers, and Firefox 5, which have support for CSS3.

While some library widgets already take advantage of animations (WPanel and WDialog), we are still expanding this to other widgets.

Animations will provide eye candy in many applications, but they are especially the standard user interface behaviour on mobile devices. This is thus also a first step for Wt/JWt to become more useful for developing mobile applications, which currently requires the integration with libraries like JQuery.Mobile.

Internal path improvements

The introduction of HTML5 History for internal paths required us to iron out some quirks related to relative URLs. We have also added an option to WTemplate and WText to allow them to contain anchors which reference internal paths (using a href="#/internal/path" attribute). Depending on the session these anchors will be encoded so that they behave as an internal path, using HTML5 History API if possible.

  • Posted by Bolzen
  • 13 years ago
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 13 years ago
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 13 years ago
got error when I try to compile:
                from /home/sahab/tmp/wt/src/Wt/Dbo/SqlQueryParse.C:18:
/usr/local/include/boost/spirit/home/support/attributes.hpp:67:26: error: expected template-name before ‘<’ token
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 13 years ago
gcc 4.5.2, boost-1.47.0
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 12 years ago
I ran into this, too (though not when compiling WT). I had just upgraded to Boost 1.47 from 1.46.1. I usually do a "bjam install" that copies the header files to "/usr/local/include/boost". To get around this error, I just deleted "/usr/local/include/boost" and ran "bjam install" again. Try that out.

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