Wt 3.1.2, JWt 3.1.2

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  • Monday, March 29, 2010 @ 13:39

We packaged new versions of our libraries.

So what’s new ?

We spent most of our time (just over a month since the last version) fixing bugs, inconsistencies and annoyances, but there are also some exciting additions.


With this release, we added support for splitters in our toolkit. A splitter allows a user to adjust the layout using resize handles. We chose to support splitter functionality through our layout managers (WBoxLayout, WGridLayout) rather than as a new widget. This choice is pragmatic since in this way a user can benefit from the automated layout management provided by a layout manager, but he can override the resulting layout to his own taste. It also means it is a simple as a single method call to add a splitter to your existing code, if you already are use layout managers.

Drop shadows in WPainter

We have also added support for drop shadow in our painting API (it turns out that our 3 backends, (HTML5 <canvas>, SVG, and VML have built-in support for nice blurred shadows). Shadow is supported as a painter property used by stroking and filling operations, similar to pen width or fill color. We expanded the charts to allow rendering of data series using a shadow effect (to impress your boss). See it used here.

Wt::Dbo: Postgres backend and improved type support

For those of you that have been following our efforts for developing the nicest ORM for C++, we are happy to announce that PostgreSQL support has landed (a contribution by Hilary Cheng), next to our initial support for SQLIte3.

Since this is the second backend that is now supported by Wt::Dbo, we took some time to improve and generalize its support for SQL types. Support for dates and timestamps was revised, and maps onto PostgreSQL’s native date and timestamp types. SQLite3 does not have native date or timestamp types, but its built-in date manipulating functions support three different ways for storing them as a string in ISO8601 format, as a floating point representing the Julian Day number, or as an integer storing a UNIX timestamp. Wt::Dbo now supports all of these methods, and you can indicate which method you use through a backend option. Support for binary data was also added: std::vector<unsigned char> fields map to the blob type in SQLite3 or the bytea type in PostgreSQL, and floating point numerical types are now also supported.

For the next release, we hope to add support for Wt’s MVC Models to explore (and edit) query results using Wt’s built-in (or your own) Views.

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