Wt 3.1.0 and JWt 3.1.0

  • Posted by koen
  • Tuesday, December 29, 2009 @ 15:44

Some news on the Wt and JWt development front: we have just released 3.1.0 versions. These releases contain many new features, including the features that we announced in a previous post.

Edit: The c++ package was missing the test/ directory

The highlights of this release are:

Wt::Dbo (C++ only)

We have added an Object-Relational-Mapping (ORM) layer to Wt, of which we provided a preview in a previous post, and if that has wettened your appetite, there is a tutorial with more detail. Since its conception, it has already been exposed (unexpectedly, through this very blog) to the famous slashdot effect, without a single hick-up!

There is currently only a SQLite3 backend, but a contributed MySQL backend is already sitting in my mailbox and is surely to make it for the next release.

This is a C++ only addition. For JWt, we recommend using Hibernate/JPA as an ORM layer.

CSS Themes

Many users have complained that the default look of Wt’s widgets is boring, and we must confess, we have always given priority to functionality rather than looks. We intend to change this with the advent of theme support. All CSS that was previously provided within the inline stylesheet by each widget class, has been pushed out to external style sheets, and a small API to select a particular theme was added.

XHTML Templates

It finally occurred to us that many things related to CSS-based layout could be simplified if we admitted to support XHTML templates. Unlike traditional frameworks, Wt templates describe the XHTML for a single widget. Within a template, variable references may resolve to widget instantiations or string contents. This simplifies those situations where you would like to express the layout using XHTML/CSS, rather than using a nested hierarchy of WContainerWidgets.

  • Posted by anonymous
  • 14 years ago
Hey the Jwt version didnt get the changes to the Signal template. WObject cannot get the sender() like the C++ version.
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 14 years ago
It's better to ask technical questions on the support fora (redmine or mailing list)
  • Posted by anonymous
  • 14 years ago
Wow, that was fast! Looking forward to what 2010 will bring us! :-)

  • Posted by anonymous
  • 14 years ago
Good to see that Wt is released with wt::dbo, although I am waiting for Koen and others to release the MySQL backend support that is lying in his mail box. I have loved the accuracy, dedication and energy that everyone has shown. Thanks again for such a good library.
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