Embedded systems

By out-sourcing the development of a web interface for your embedded device or machine, including deployment onto your custom hardware, you can focus on your core business.

Our development team includes experienced embedded software engineers who understand the constraints of embedded systems and the toolchains, and are experts in deploying Wt-based web applications onto custom embedded hardware.

Internet, intranet or extranet web applications

Your web application may have needs related to security, interactivity, performance, scalability, accessibility, or simply integration with an existing Java or C++ code base, which does not match very well with traditional web development solutions.

Better than anyone else, we can tell you what is possible, what it takes to build it, and have our expert developers realize your project.

We will also help you to select between the available options for deployment from single-server installations, to high-throughput load-balancing deployments.

Android and iOS development

We have experience with application development for these emerging mobile platforms, be it native or using a hybrid mobile web approach. We can recommend a strategy and bring your application to the market place.

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