Software Development

We have a wealth of development experience that we can share and contribute, covering a broad range of applications: embedded development, systems software development, GUI development, mobile browsers (Android, iOS), and of course web development.

Support Contracts for Wt, JWt or Wt::Dbo

Although there is an active community of Wt users that support each other on the public fora, you may receive company-backed support with strong guarantees, first hand from the developers.

With a support contract, you have access to timely support and will be given high priority on any problems you may encounter related to the usage of Wt in your applications.

Contact for pricing and more information.

Custom Widget design

When you require a specialized widget that is not part of the Wt library, or you want to integrate some new technology in Wt but you don't have the resources to implement and maintain it yourself, Emweb's developers can be hired to extend Wt or to write custom widgets for you.


To get your development team up to speed with Wt, JWt or Wt::Dbo, we also organize on-site training seminars.

Contact for pricing and more information.